5 Best iPad Music Production Apps to Create Incredible Music Anywhere!

It’s understandable that you can’t have access to musical instruments and your workstation all the time. This problem shouldn’t stop you from creating music given that there are many portable music production devices. In this article, I’m going to talk about iPad music production, and the best music production apps available on the Apple Store.

iPad music production apps: Garageband (Free)

Garageband is a very useful app for musicians who are looking for a variety of music production tools. You can look forward to using Garageband’s:

  • Virtual instruments like guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, and violin.
  • Ability to rack multiple instruments at a time and play with them.
  • You can connect your guitar to the app and use different virtual amps.
  • Multiple looped sounds of different instruments.
  • It supports third-party sample loops.
  • External microphone connectivity.
  • EQ filters, reverb, chorus, compressor, and hard limiter.

Garageband is a free music production app with great flexibility for recording music on the go in a variety of ways.

iPad music production apps: Blocs Wave (Free)

Blocs Wave  allows you to mix and edit different types of sounds. Here are its best features:

  • The best usage of Blocs Wave is to edit various waveforms.
  • You can create different sound loops using its library.
  • It offers eight project tabs that you can work on to create different sounds.
  • Real-time looping and processing effects on vocals is possible with the app.
  • Editing waveforms of third-party sound loops is possible as well.
  • The library of loops is categorized as drums, bass, FX, melodic, vocal, and percussion.

Blocs Wave is a great free app that can be used to produce sounds and remix songs. The app has a very intuitive interface.

iPad music production apps: ROLI NOISE (Free)

If you’re a fan of pad sounds, you’ll absolutely love making music on NOISE. It offers interesting features, like:

  • A huge library of sounds that you can use to create different melodies and write original songs.
  • The sound pads are arranged in sequence, which you can rearrange according to your requirements.
  • The app is built on 5D Touch Technology.
  • You can choose from different interfaces to play different scales.
  • The library has 400+ sample sounds.
  • You can connect hardware from BLOCKS, a modular keyboard and they sell.

NOISE has a great library of sounds which you can use in your tracks. With various customization features, and being a free app, it is worth having on your iPad.

iPad music production apps: Arturia iProphet ($9.99)

Arturia iProphet is a virtual emulator of Sequential Circuits’ 80s classic Prophet VS synthesizer. It has amazing features like:

  • Nearly as powerful as any other desktop DAW.
  • It offers support of multiple instruments on a single project.
  • There are four oscillators that can be used to add multiple filters and sound effects.
  • You can pretty much add any sort of sound with this emulated synthesizer.
  • There are hundreds of sounds included in the app library.
  • It supports external hardware like MIDI keyboards, synths, and other instruments.
  • You can connect the app with your Mac and resume your project where you left off.

Arturia iProphet is undoubtedly a powerful music production app. $10 gets you access to the world’s first programmable synthesizer.

iPad music production apps: Moog Model 15 ($29.99)

Moog Model 15 is another emulation app which is recreated from the Model 15 synthesizer system. With it you get:

  • An appealing user interface. The navigation of the screen is really smooth and you can zoom in and out as well.
  • Over 160 built-in sound presets.
  • External MIDI keyboard support.
  • The inputs and outputs have colored cables which makes it easy to tweak audio effects in real-time playback.
  • Voltage-controlled amplifier and oscillators.
  • Recording of loops in real-time.
  • Easy sharing features for social media

Moog Model 15 has some spectacular features that it should be a must-include tool in DJ equipment.

Use your iPad to make music at your convenience

This article looked at the iPad user production apps that can be the first step in your next hit song. Here are some important notes in brief:

  • Garageband allows you to connect instruments if you have the right cables.
  • Blocs Wave is a very useful app to produce and edit waveforms.
  • ROLI NOISE offers features like 5D Touch Technology, and offers a huge library of sounds.
  • Arturia iProphet is an emulation app of the classic Sequential Circuits synth.
  • Moog Model 15 is an emulation app of a classic synth with intuitive interface.

Once you’ve created your original composition, use music promotion apps to promote the track.

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