What is the DIY Musician App? Learn to Use it for Music Marketing!

During the last DIY Musician Conference attendees tested an app which allowed them to interact with each other and learn different things throughout the event. This was a beta test used to develop the DIY Musician App. In this article, I will tell you what the DIY Musician App is, and how it can be helpful to independent artist as a music marketing tool.

DIY Musician App: What is it about?

The DIY Musician App is a free music promotion app for independent artists to build connections, listen to each other’s music, share success stories, and more. It’s like social media for the music industry. The app is available for iOSAndroid, and desktops. Musicians sign up for free and start networking on the platform right away.

DIY Musician App: Sign up process

The sign up process is very simple. Head over to the registration page and click on the Next button.

diy musician app registration pageFill up the basic details like Name and Email address and proceed with the registration process.

diy musician app registration processOnce you have finished, you’ll receive a confirmation link in your inbox. After confirming your email you can begin.

DIY Musician App: Various features

After logging in, you should be able to see a dashboard which looks something like this:

diy musician app newsfeedI am using the DIY Musician App on my desktop, but its features for mobile applications are the same.

The left hand side of the screen shows various features:

  • Newsfeed: You’ll see many posts in your Newsfeed. You can pin them and read them later using the toggle button at the top of the screen next to the search bar.
  • My Posts and Draft posts: In the Draft posts, you can write down ideas you’d like to post about. The My Posts page is where you will see posts that you’ve published.
  • Groups: You’ll be publishing your posts to different groups. If you’ve recently composed a song and want to promote it, you can draft a post and publish it in the Broadcast group. If you’ve recorded a music video, you can share it in the Video group.

The applications of Groups can be many, therefore you should choose the ones that relate to your music promotion strategy. You can also share your SoundCloud song links in the Streaming group.

Use the DIY Musician App to promote your music

The DIY Musician App is an exciting new way to promote your music amongst those in the music industry. After a simple sign-up process you can enjoy these benefits:

  • A useful music promotion service.
  • An opportunity to publish content besides music.
  • Groups are helpful to categorize different types of content.
  • Streaming and Video groups help you promote your songs, such as SoundCloud tracks, in a focused manner.

The DIY Musician App is certainly a great choice for musicians who have no knowledge of music marketing. Read our free music promotion guide before you start using the app so that you can use it as part of a complete music marketing campaign.

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