How to Sell Music Online: Make Money Off Your Music

Independent artists who are looking for ways to sell music online need not worry anymore. There are many websites and subscription services that will help you learn how to sell your music online in a number of ways. This article is going to look at a wide variety of websites which will allow you to make money from your music.

How to sell music online: Your website

If you do not want to share any sort of commission with intermediaries, I suggest you build your own website and sell your music through it. Bruno Mars has a dedicated webpage for selling his music. Fans can buy digital and physical copies of his albums.

How to sell music online with website ExampleHe also includes streaming links. Use this strategy to earn money from music streams as well as from music sales. Some of the best website builders for musicians are:

Your website will also allow you to sell merchandise and tickets, opening up even more monetization.

How to sell music online: SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the biggest audio streaming websites. While it doesn’t offer a specific feature to sell your music, you can use the platform to collect fans and send them to where you do. There are two ways to do this:

  • Include links in the track description so that your fans can buy the track. Kehlani included her website and streaming links where her fans can buy the track.
  • How to sell music online using soundcloud bio exampleYou can include store links in your SoundCloud bio. See how Zedd uses his SoundCloud bio to sell his music. He has included a store link and ticket purchase link in his bio.

sell music online with soundcloud profileStarting a SoundCloud channel is easy and free.

  • Sign up on the website and fill in the basic profile details.
  • Click the Upload button and upload your tracks.
  • Include track details and profile details as mentioned in the examples.
  • Publish your tracks.

You should integrate social media accounts in order to promote your music on different platforms, and have more opportunities to sell your music.

How to sell music online: iTunes

iTunes has millions of active users thirsty for good music to purchase, and you can sign up for it to sell and stream your songs. In order to sign up you will need to be partnered with one of their aggregators:

  • AWAL
  • Believe Digital
  • Catapult
  • CD Baby
  • Digital Rights Management
  • DistroKid
  • Finetunes
  • FUGA
  • Golden Dynamic
  • INgrooves/Fontana
  • Rock Mobile
  • The Orchard Enterprises

Major streaming service providers do not accept music from independent artists, that is why you need to join one of the aggregators above. There is no sign up fee on iTunes as it depends on the subscription fees of its aggregators. If you don’t want to land in any legal troubles, I advise you to copyright your music before someone steals your content and claims it. 

Some of the other things that you’ll need to have to sell your music on iTunes are:

  • US tax ID
  • Apple ID
  • Universal Product Code (UPC)
  • International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)

Once you’re done with that, you can submit your music to iTunes and start earning through streams and music sales.

How to sell music online: Bandzoogle

Bandzoogle is a great website to sell your music online. The interesting thing about Bandzoogle is that you don’t need to pay any commission to the company if you generate any sales, unlike other subscription services. You can make money on Bandzoogle in different ways by selling:

  • Music
  • Merchandise
  • Tickets

The membership fees start at $8.29 per month, and go as high as $16.95 per month. You are paying a flat fee rather than a commission every time you sell something.

Some of the great features that come with using it include:

  • Creating an online store with just two clicks.
  • You can create a press kit for distribution.
  • This site can’t compile an email list for you.
  • Website building services.

Bandzoogle allows you to do a lot more than just sell music online. It can be a way for you to build your music career.

How to sell music online: Google Play Music

Google Play Music offers a lot of benefits to independent artists at a very low price. Some of the ways you can earn money on Google Play Music are:

  • There are millions of active users on Google Play, and you earn money from ads when they play your song.
  • You have the option of setting a retail price on your music so that you can sell it.
  • They allow you to link to your online store in your profile.

Google Play Music has some interesting features for artists like:

  • Offline downloads
  • Track restrictions
  • Stats

Google Play Music is a great place to sell music online. Sign up for it after paying the one-time fee of $25, and start tapping into all of the online services which Google provides.

How to sell music online: Amazon Music

Amazon Music has a huge library of major and independent artists. With the introduction of Amazon Prime, streaming on the platform has increased exponentially due to access to ad-free content. The two ways you can earn money on Amazon Music are:

One of the biggest advantages for independent artists is that Amazon Music has no sign up fee, and there are no hidden costs. All you need to do is produce music and stream on the platform.

The introduction of innovative products and services like Alexa and Prime Music are only going to help artists like you sell even more music.

How to sell music online: YouTube

YouTube has millions of active users that you can target to sell your music. Although there is no official page to sell your music on YouTube, you can still include your store links in the video description. See how The Chainsmokers include purchase links on their YouTube video.

sell music online with youtubeYou can implement the same strategy. Produce a music video by yourself and include your website link to sell the audio track. Once you get famous, you can even make money from sponsored videos and brand promotions.

Other ways to make money from your music on YouTube

Selling copies of your music is not the only way to make money these days, as you know. Here are few ways that many artists are monetizing their YouTube channels:

  • Patreon is an excellent alternative income source. You can offer content like exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and other fan-exclusive content.
  • You can use YouTube End Cards to send people to your website at the end of your videos. You can include links for them to buy merchandise, tickets, and albums.
  • YouTube Superchat allows you to receive extra funds during your live streams. Go live and show your fans your latest songs, how you compose a track, your studio equipment, or just talk to them and make money from it.

See how Amosdoll Music communicates with his fans and plays fan-request songs live on YouTube.

Learn how to sell music online

In the age of the Internet, where you can be your own music marketer, record label, and music distributor, selling music online has become very easy. In this article, I told you how to sell music online through different websites:

  • Selling music online on your website is the best way to generate 100% revenue as you don’t have to share any commissions.
  • SoundCloud offers a great platform to sell your music and to stream your music.
  • iTunes has the biggest library of music. Use the platform to get exposure to a huge audience.
  • Bandzoogle is a subscription service, but they don’t charge any commissions on any sales.
  • Google Play Music has a one-time sign up fee.
  • Amazon Music is absolutely free for musicians. You can earn money through sales and royalty payments.
  • YouTube is the biggest website to host your videos. Include track purchase links to generate music sales.

Once you sign up for these websites, you’ll need to promote your music in order to generate sales. Use our free music promotion guide and follow the tips to market your music.

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