Podcast Tips That Will Help Your Podcast Get Heard

If you’re a regular podcaster and struggling to build your audience, or if you want to start podcasting and are looking for some guidance, this article is for you. Read this article for podcast tips to get your channel started, make it successful, and know where to host it.

Podcast tips: Host your content on SoundCloud

SoundCloud offers a great platform for podcast channels. Some great reasons to use SoundCloud as your podcast host include:

  • It has over 175 million active users that you can target.
  • SoundClown has many promotional tactics ingrained into the API, which can help you start to your podcast career.
  • They have a thriving community of podcasters, and you could be noticed by other SoundCloud podcast channels.
  • Your successful content will start appearing at the top of the search results, which will bring in more visitors to your podcast channel.

Learn how to setup your podcast channel on SoundCloud and get started.

Podcast tips: Stick to a single subject

It’s advisable that you stick to a single subject instead of focusing on multiple subjects. Whether it’s politics, comedy, entertainment, or any other topic, select a subject that you are experienced in and have valuable information to share. If you’re going to cover politics, you could even influence people and help your political party win.

The Guardian Books podcast channel on SoundCloud focuses on literature. Here’s the latest episode that you can listen to:

Book nerds know to go to them to hear what’s happening in the publishing world!

Podcast tips: Create catchy titles

Catchy and inventive titles help drive clicks to your podcasts, helping you get more plays. Make sure that you use an interesting title like this one:

Many people make the mistake of being lazy and just titling their podcasts according to the date they were recorded on. This strategy is going to do absolutely nothing for searches, and it won’t do anything to drive new listeners to your podcast.

Although this channel is quite popular, can you think of any reason why you would click on it if you had never heard of this podcast before?

Podcast tips: Quality content

No matter what type of content you publish, as long as it is worth listening to, you’ll get listeners sooner or later. Make sure that you do proper research before recording and that it’s worth your listeners’ time.

You can use all of the traffic acquisition tactics that you want, you can even buy SoundCloud followers to push up your numbers, but the only way you are going to get followers and plays on a consistent basis as you build an audience is with quality content.

Podcast tips: Connect with your audience

A lot of podcasters just publish their content and do not listen to what their fans are saying. Negative feedback can be hurtful, but it can help you improve your channel.

Another way to connect with your audience is through tone. A podcast is supposed to be friendly, and should not sound like a news broadcast. Relax and be spontaneous. Here’s an example of good tone:

Podcast tips: Invest in your equipment

Apart from quality content, you should focus on the quality of the recording. It doesn’t matter if your content is valuable unless its recording sounds good. Here is the basic podcast equipment that you should have in order to produce a high quality episode:

  • Microphone: Samson Go Portable USB Mic ($33)
  • Recording software: Audacity (Free)

Having good quality equipment will ultimately help you get more listeners.

Podcast tips: Interview people

One of the best ways to promote your podcast channel is by interviewing experts and other podcasters. Having another member on your episode has benefits like:

  • Brings in a new audience.
  • Offers new insight to your subject.
  • Can increase fan engagements.

It can be tough to get interviews when you are a new podcaster, so start slow and build up to bigger guests. Keep posting content and collect followers, and hopefully you’ll soon have someone to interview. You can also interview international influencers through Source-Connect Now. Here’s how you can set it up:

Keep trying to new ways to find people to interview!

SoundCloud podcasting tips to build your audience

In this article, I told you some useful podcast tips that you can implement and build a quality podcast channel on SoundCloud. Here are the highlights:

  • Choose SoundCloud to host your podcast and broadcast your content to millions of active users.
  • Select a specific subject to cover.
  • Create catchy titles for your episodes.
  • Be spontaneous and connect with your audience.
  • Always publish quality content.
  • Invest in a good equipment to record high quality audio

Check out the podcasting section of our blog to learn more about podcasting on SoundCloud! We can help you build your podcast in a wide variety of ways.

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