Why should I buy plays?

Buying SoundCloud Plays, particularly from BuyPlays, has a number of well-known benefits. Artists, DJs, and Podcasters buy plays everyday to promote their music and take advantage of all the extra benefits.

Benefits To Buying Plays Include:

  • Getting real plays — Yes, buying plays doesn’t always mean fake plays. We deliver real plays, and guarantee the results. It’s the best of both worlds!
  • Gaining massive exposure — With real plays, comes massive exposure. We’ll promote your track across the internet so real people listen to you and share you with friends if they love it.
  • Guaranteed success — No more waiting, hoping or failures. Buy plays guarantees results, which means your campaign is a success every time.
  • Rapid growth — Gaining success the old fashion way is slow and painful. Luckily, you’ve found the ultimate shortcut. Why wait years when you can see results within a day?
  • Improving social credibility — With more plays, your reputation and credibility as an entertainer skyrockets. People take you more seriously and will probably start asking for autographs.
  • Improving social proof — With success comes more success as the old saying goes. With tons of plays, your tracks will continue attracting new listeners and fans.

Additional benefit that aren’t as common, but still occur include:

  • Attracting record companies
  • Better negotiating power
  • Landing gigs and deals
  • Attract more sales to iTunes Albums/Singles
  • Attracting more social media followers, fans and subscribers

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